Containment Solutions - Powder Granulation and Extrusion

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For Containment Solutions ILC Dover - DoverPac, as world leader in the field, is our partner

Wet Granulation of Powders by means of Low Pressure Extrusion: Dome-extruders, Radial extruders, Frontal extruder or Basket extrusion technology by Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation).

Low Pressure Extrusion - Granulation
A wet extrusion (granulation) process By shaping fine powders into granules process problems – dust, flow properties, solubility and segregation – are avoided. Low Pressure Extrusion -Speronizing can solve many problems encountered in dry granulation;
Ref. Wet Granulation Examples
ILC Dover
The DoverPac® system provides high levels of reliable containment during charging and offloading DoverPacs® is standard available from 20 to 2000 litre. Custom sizes are also available.
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