Chemical Industry

The requirement of the Chemical Industry are very demanding and changing rapidly as technology and legal constraints impose.

With Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation) low pressure extruders, specific needs can be solved to make dust free, porous, homogeneous and uniform pellets of sizes ranging from 500 µm (sometimes as less as 300 µm) up to 3 - 4 mm and more.
Our test lab will help you to assess feasibility, troughput and other parameters.

As important as the technology itself, bith operator protection and process protection need to be addressed.

Flow Sciences will provide containment solutions and enclosures fit for the purpose: e.g. lab robotics, work stations, ventilated enclosures, process enclosures with varying containment levels

ILC Dover is the bench mark for Flexible Containment Solutions

DoverPac offers has a portfolio with solutions vor transfer, transport and process feeding and unloading.