Containment & Packaging

DG Pro-Tec offers the (Bio-)Pharmaceutical and other demanding high tech industries advanced solutions for engineered containment and packaging needs.
These containment, process and operator protection systems will be selected and further developed, based on the required OEL or containment level, the REACH requirement, the frequency and the ease of use and first of all: an in-depth analysis with the customer of all the requirements, the cGMP aspects, exposure levels and operational conditions.
The process containment solutions will be designed in close collaboration with premium partners: Flow Sciences International and ILC Dover.
Together with these companies’ design departments and in close conversation with the customer reliable and performing containment solutions will be proposed, discussed and fine-tuned.

Containment & Packaging

Containment Enclosures - Flexible Isolators

Flow Sciences' mission is to provide Containment Enclosures and Containment Systems for laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing areas. The products are designed to protect operators from exposure to hazardous particulates and vapours while performing delicate operations. Flow Sciences is focused on achieving the following goals for all of its enclosures:
• maximized containment and ergonomic ease of use
• high performance standards but minimal energy consumption
• proven, documented, yet flexible design
DG Pro-Tec together with the Flow Sciences' team, with over thirty year experience in laboratory containment, is committed to finding containment solutions that meet your needs. Contact us here.

Since more than a decade, ILC Dover has worked with customers to develop Flexible Containment Solutions for a wide variety of processes within the pharmaceutical industry. As the pioneers of flexible containment the ILC Dover engineering staff has considerable experience addressing a broad range of challenges. Review some of the existing process solutions here.
Or contact DG Pro-Tec to customize a solution for your needs.
The DoverPac® system provides high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading operations:
• Demonstrated nanogram containment
• Increased productivity — ILC Crimping System allows one person operation
• Every system has been 100% pressure tested and inspected
• Durable construction — Manufactured from ILC developed rugged ArmorFlex® film
• Integral sleeves facilitate quick sampling without breaking containment

DoverPacs® come in standard sizes ranging from 20 to 2000 litre. Custom sizes are also available.

Industrial Packaging Products - As the maker of Guardian™ protective packaging for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other liquid or dry material applications, Grayling works with industrial clients who package their products in intermediate bulk containers. Our custom-made form-fitted liners ensure complete fill and dispense, increasing process efficiency.