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Wet Granulation of Powders by means of Low Pressure Extrusion: Dome-extruders, Radial extruders, Frontal extruder or Basket extrusion technology.

Implementing Fuji Paudal’s extrusion technology Water Dispersible Granules – WDG – are made in a gentle way, optionally followed by a Speronizing – Marumerizer – step.

When applying this technology in the Life Sciences industries, temperature sensitive, high drug load formulation can be kneaded, extruded and subsequently speronized with a Continuous Granulation System.

DG Pro-Tec has broad experience with tailor-made dough preparation systems, kneading and mixing, dosing before wet granulation and size control, recycling, drying and the complete process including packaging.

Water Dispersible Granules

DG Pro-Tec supplies leading Extrusion Technology for the production of WDG-pellets and granules. The Low Pressure Extrusion Technology is the bench mark troughout the Agrochemical and Biochemical Industry

Extruded Pellets

Low Pressure Extrusion is the technology that allows producing WDG Water Dispersible Granules of pellets with high active content for controlled release purpose. Consult our specialists for advice about Wet Granulation and the specificities of the different Extrusion Technologies