DG Pro-Tec offers specific solutions, designed for the need of different industry. Low Pressure Extrusion for industrial and pharmaceutical processes, advanced Containment Solutions and other Technologies are brought to the applicable standard and customization will be discussed as the project progresses.

Pharma & Biotechnology

The entire DG Pro-Tec team is very familiar with the values of The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

Whether it comes to Low Pressure Extrusion by Wet Granulation or safety, containment and cGMP aspects related with the handling of the substances: the optimal solutions will be developed.

Different approaches have been developed for the charging of a reactor or the feeding of powders to pharmaceutical processes in a contained, safe and ergonomic way.
Examples are:

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Agro and Biochemical

DG Pro-Tec and Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation) have a combined ewerience in processes for making WDG - Water Dispersible Granules.

Typical products are: Herbicides, Fungicides, Biocides, Insecticides

and also:


Chemical Industry

The requirement of the Chemical Industry are very demanding and changing rapidly as technology and legal constraints impose.

With Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation) low pressure extruders, specific needs can be solved to make dust free, porous, homogeneous and uniform pellets of sizes ranging from 500 µm (sometimes as less as 300 µm) up to 3 - 4 mm and more.
Our test lab will help you to assess feasibility, troughput and other parameters.

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Examples: Food Ingredients, Taste Extracts and Toppings

Low Pressure Extrusion is the technology required for preserving taste, structure and designing a solubility profile.

Functional food preparations, energy drinks, meat extracts, but also pet food.

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Ceramics & PM

Ceramics and PM

Ceramic or Metallurgical powder can be granulated either by a high shear principle in the Spartan Granulator or with the Pressure Swing Granulator.

Just like Nano-Technology processes and products have their containment requirements, fine Ceramics or PM powders will have to be handeled in a proper contained way, taking all hazarduous aspects into consideration

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