Pharma & Biotechnology

Pharma & Biotechnology

The entire DG Pro-Tec team is very familiar with the values of The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

Whether it comes to Low Pressure Extrusion by Wet Granulation or safety, containment and cGMP aspects related with the handling of the substances: the optimal solutions will be developed.

Different approaches have been developed for the charging of a reactor or the feeding of powders to pharmaceutical processes in a contained, safe and ergonomic way.
Examples are:

  • Containment of Robotic Equipment
  • Drum Discharging and repackaging
  • Solutions storing and transporting valuable formulations and API's and their contained handling
  • Work stations
  • Contained links between processes

Containment requirements ranging from OEL 2 micro-gram level to OEL 5 nano-gram level: these aspects of the industries' daily life challanges are known by our team.

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