Granulation & Size Control

DG Pro-Tec specializes in Low Pressure Extrusion (a wet extrusion process) for converting all kinds of industrial chemicals or pharmaceutical formulations into granules of a uniform shape and size. By shaping these fine chemical powders or formulations into granules, a lot of process problems, inherent to the physical properties – dust, flow properties and segregation may be the most prominent – can be avoided. Low Pressure Extrusion and Speronizing can solve many problems encountered in dry granulation: unaccepted particle shape, too much dust (fines that need to be recycled), too low yield of granules within the desired particle range, too wide particle distribution, but also thermal degradation, activity level, etc.

Granulation Technology

A wet extrusion process can be a continuous or a batch operation and typically consists of the following steps:
First the powders need to be dosed and homogenized as required by the recipe. All challenges related with these processes need to be dealt with. Before being delivered to the extrusion line, a reliable feeder with a mass flow pattern is required. Please refer to the Technologies & Solutions section for more information.
A wet extrusion line includes a mixing and kneading device that fulfils an important function. A liquid addition system will spray or drip water or an organic solvent onto the dry powder bed. As the kneading progresses, a homogeneous wet dough is formed. The Fuji Paudal KD-type batch kneaders or CKD-type continuous kneaders are available in different volumes and throughputs offer the best choice.
After the kneading step, the wetted material is delivered to the extruder.
DG Pro-Tec offers several Low Pressure Extrusion principles, including the patented TDG Twin Dome extruder, twin shaft extruders: EXDF Frontal extruders and EXD Radial extruders, EXR Radial extruders or the BR Basket extruder.
The extruders produce granules with a cylindrical shape.
A following production step, the Marumerizer or Spheronizer will convert these cylindrical granules into round spheres.
All this equipment is made in Japan by Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation) and brought to the applicable standards.

Because Product Development is the starting point, the machine range is completed with an extensive range of Laboratory Scale Equipment. Every single extrusion principle can be tested and auxiliary equipment of offered.

Water Dispersible Granules

DG Pro-Tec supplies leading Extrusion Technology for the production of WDG-pellets and granules. The Low Pressure Extrusion Technology is the bench mark troughout the Agrochemical and Biochemical Industry

Extruded Pellets

Low Pressure Extrusion is the technology that allows producing WDG Water Dispersible Granules of pellets with high active content for controlled release purpose. Consult our specialists for advice about Wet Granulation and the specificities of the different Extrusion Technologies

Frontal Extruders for Powder Pellets

Our Low Pressure Extruder range includes several types, like Frontal, Radial, Dome and Basket extruders